Train Derailment at Inverleigh Victoria

We have been advised by Pacific National that a freight train has derailed west of Geelong in Inverleigh

Initial reports have confirmed that sixteen wagons came off the tracks, and the good news is nobody was hurt.

Also no Ceva freight was involved so our customers will not be affected by any of the damages from the

But there is substantial damage to the track and area which is now closed whilst response crews and
emergency crews are on site whilst they work on a recovery plan.

Recovery crews and heavy lifting equipment will be mobilised to the area; however due to the heavy rain and
flooding in the location of this incident, recovery work is not expected to begin immediately.

At this stage there is no confirmation regarding track restoration; however early forecasts indicate the track
will see lengthy delays due to lengthy repairs. The track commission have told us they will be able to give us an estimated re—opening time within 48 hours. We will then communicate to you as soon as we receive

This advice is being provided to assist customers with planning for the inevitable flow on effects that will result from vehicles being delayed in transit, and, given the above advice from Pacific National, we know that our services will be delayed Mel-Perth but at this stage we are unsure for how long.

Adelaide-Perth trains will still run – although they put a temporary stop for today as they had major storms
over the weekend in Adelaide causing Power lines in Mt Lofty SA to cause connection issues. But we assume
that leg will remain largely unaffected.

Regrettably, this situation is beyond our control and with the current coastal situation we know this will cause
more issues to an already volatile logistics problem.

We will actively manage the situation by communicating updates as they come to hand, and we will continue
to do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience to you all.

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