About Us

We are a vehicle transport logistics tech company that is changing how vehicles are being moved all around the country and offer additional services that will assist with payment, registration and many other services that help make the transaction seamless.

inTraffic Australia

How do we differ from the competition?

With all of our offices located in Australia and partnering up with the right organisations we aim to offer the highest level of customer service to all clients, being either corporate and private individuals.

Our team understands that each and every vehicle we deliver is potentially the first new car experience or one of many company cars that are required for a staff member so we will do everything we possibly can to achieve the desired outcome.

Our team has over 20+ years experience in the industry which means we have a wealth of knowledge and there is probably no scenario we haven’t faced.


Matthew BorG,

Founder at inTraffic Australia

Our Mission

inTraffic's mission is to make the entire process of buying/transporting a vehicle interstate simple and stress free. As well as offering great value and time saving add on services which include (but not limited to) vehicle registration, detailing and aftermarket installation.

Our Experience

inTraffic and our team have over 20 years of industry experience! We have organised all different types of requests such as handling personalised plate transfers, surprise deliveries, pensioner/primary producer registrations and much more. You name it. We have organised it!

Our commitment

Our team are committed to provide a premium service and we take great pleasure in assisting our clients and are always happy to help. We are dedicated team that will go above and beyond for our customers and as all our offices are located in Australia we are easily accessible and ready to answer your enquiry.

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Our team is growing on a monthly basis due to increased demand for our world class service.