Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All vehicles are covered for transit damage excluding stone chips and force majeure.

Yes we can also register used vehicles in all states and territories. We conduct the necessary inspections in order to process registration.

Once the vehicle is booked a booking confirmation email will be provided that will include a tracking number that can be used on our website.

We have the ability to transport all types of vehicles from a small hatchback to a large commercial van. Pricing will vary depending on vehicle shape.

Certain states have different processes for giving inTraffic authority to handle personalised plates. Please let our team know if you have personalised plates and we will advise if we can use them to process the registration.

Many people have received vehicles via interstate and realised the plates have been removed or cancelled which mean they cannot legally drive it at all. Unregistered vehicle permits can also be hard to obtain in certain states. Using our registration service means that when you receive the vehicle it is registered and in your name and there is nothing for you to but drive your new car.

Yes, we assist private buyers as well as dealerships, FMO’s and large and small businesses

Professional transportation services encourage vehicle owners to include insurance when shipping the vehicle. It insures your vehicle against potential damage caused by the move. The insurance is included in the quote provided by us, and the details will be specified.

We move luxury cars with the utmost care and attention. We at InTraffic use enclosed trailers to safely transport your prized possessions to their destination.

The cost of shipping does depend on the size of the car, among other factors. Bigger vehicles like vans, 4WDs and SUVs are costlier to transport in comparison to smaller vehicles. Cars with larger modified tyres might cost more to transport as well.

On the day of the pickup, either you or a person nominated by you has to be available at the pick-up spot. The keys to the vehicle need to be handed over and a condition check and the bill needs to be signed by both the driver and you or the person you nominated.

We at InTraffic can transport your car even if it isn’t in a proper running condition. However, the cost of transporting such cars is higher, as they will have to be lifted and loaded onto the carrier.

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